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Imperial Tiger Orchestra

The Ethiopian influenced band returns to Southern Africa in May, this time touring Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and the AZGO and Bushfire festivals in Mozambique and Swaziland. >>

Les Frères Souchet

Robin Arthur Girod & Cyri RabihYeterian together make Les Frères Souchet. A blues brothers duo, some say like sailors constantly on the move, others - like birds migrating, donkeys in transhumance. Make sense of them in... >>

Visiting Artist Namsa Leuba

After spending the last few months in New York, Namsa Leuba has come to Johannesburg as Artist in Residence. During the past two years, Leuba’s work has focused on African identity and the ambiguities of ethnocentrism. >>

Say Yes or Die

Say Yes or Die is a performative opera created by Swiss artists Anne Rochat and Gilles Furtwängler in 2011. They will be on show in Johannesburg and Cape Town as of 9 March. >>


DA MOTUS! will perform Con Tatto with Forgotten Angle Theatre Collective in Cape Town during the Infecting the City Festival, followed by performances in Johannesburg and Maputo. >>

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