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Artists in Residence: November 2016

Antje Schupp

November - December

Director and performer Antje Schupp will be in South Africa for a three-month residency that will be divided between Johannesburg and Cape Town. Schupp takes a multi-disciplinary approach to theatre making and creates works with a focus on contemporary socio-political developments, with an emphasis on collaboration.


“In my works, I often use documentary and scientific material, but I also make my personal perspective on the topic visible as well as the one of the artists I’m collaborating with,” she says.


While in South Africa the German native now based in Basel, hopes to collaborate with local artists in exploring the topic of the Pink Dollar, and she is also now engaging with the #Feesustfall movements.

Within the three months, Schupp plans to do intensive research, find partners to collaborate and initiate work on a common performance.




Alessandro Schiattarella


Dancer and choreographer Alessandro Schiattarella returns to South Africa after six years, to participated at the Unmute Artsability Festival in Cape Town, as part of his residency. Schiattarella first travelled to SA as part of an East West Theater Company Sarajevo production in 2010. As part at the residency,


Schiattarella would like to meet, share practices and interact with local peers, searching for new choreographic approaches and creative ‘answers’ on the theme of diversity. “As an international director of plays and musical performances, I want to expand my professional relationships in the Southern African area - more specifically, interchange and share experiences,” he says.


Schiattarella’s current research interest includes disability issues, inter-cultural perspectives and social inclusivity. He would like to explore these themes with local collaborators by means of discussions and teaching, during the festival. The Basel native began his career as a professional dancer in 2002 and has worked with acclaimed dance companies such as Bejart Ballet Lausanne, Ballet Du Grand Théâtre de Genève and Ballet Basel among others.



Georg Gatsas

After working on an eight-year photographic series titled “Signal The Future”, that included shooting some of SA’s underground musicians for various British publications, photographer and artist Georg Gatsas will be on a three-month residency in Johannesburg. Through his photography, Gatsas, 37, explores subjects such life in megacities, gentrification, migration politics, music and the digital revolution.


The residency will serve as a launching pad for his next photographic series which will look at Johannesburg through its musicians, to be published in various publications during the residency. He will be shooting for publications such as Zweikommasieben, Saiten and WoZ. Gatsas would like to use some of the images as well for his solo exhibition at the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen which will be held from November 2017 till February 2018.


Gatsas will work closely with British musician and Jo’burg frequenter Gervase Gordon, aka Ok Zharp who is expected to create a soundtrack to the images, in collaboration with local musicians, producers and vocalists.


“It is my goal to distill contemporary Johannesburg in 2016 in photographic impressions. I will be able to do this through its own representatives: the musicians of the city,” he says.


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