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SDC Ant funding for Research/Project Development Residencies

Pro Helvetia Johannesburg has for some time been investing in transnational collaborations, exchanges and joint projects among organisations and creative practitioners operating across the SADC region, with support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). Our investments are focused on projects, networks and platforms that have a shared interest in building a stronger regional creative fabric.


Research residencies are available to artists, curators, and arts managers to undertake research trips of between 1 and 4 weeks’ duration within the SADC region. The purpose of the funding is to provide an opportunity for creative producers and organisers to develop collaborative projects and initiatives with peers operating in the region and enjoy the benefits of face to face engagement and a substantive experience of a different context/environment for creative work.


The same broad guidelines and exclusions for Ant project funding apply to research residency grants, and the geographical scope is the same (Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Seychelles, Tanzania (including Zanzibar), Zambia, and Zimbabwe).


The following are general criteria that apply to ANT Project and Research Funding:

• Projects which provide increased public exposure of high quality contemporary work across national borders (e.g. presentation of an Angolan work in South Africa and Zimbabwe); AND / OR
• Projects which involve or promote exchange and collaboration in or between countries within Southern Africa AND / OR
• Projects which involve the sharing or transfer of skills between professionals across the region.
• All projects should be completed by end November 2017.


Pro Helvetia Johannesburg does not support

• Commercial or profit-oriented projects
• Training of non-professionals
• Formal education programmes or course fees
• Video/film production (though will support content development for digital/on-line distribution)
• Generally artists’ fees are not covered, but can be considered in exceptional circumstances.


Applications should include:

• a motivation for the residency, explaining the rationale for spending time in a particular context, the networks you would be engaging with, and an indication of the project possibilities that might arise from the residency. The motivation should also include reference to any history of engagement with the context that you would be visiting.
• a summary budget addressing your travel, visa, accommodation and per diem costs for the residency. Up to ZAR 50 000/US$ 4000 will be made available for each residency. Your budget should also include reference to any other financial contributions to the residency and/or in-kind contributions that a local partner or partners might make (for example, the provision of accommodation) in support of your residency, though this is not mandatory.
• a short professional biography (approximately 250 words is adequate) and a short relevant CV.


How to apply:

• The application need not be more than two pages in length, including the summary budget, but excluding the biography and CV.
• Applications must be emailed to Pro Helvetia Johannesburg at regional(at)
• Your emailed application should include the words “ANT research residency / project development grant application” in the subject line.
• Submit applications by November 07 2016, for projects that will be completed between January 2017 and end November 2017.
• Application outcomes will be announced on or before November 22 2016


After Applying

Applications received are screened and assessed by Pro Helvetia Johannesburg. The final outcome of applications is dependent on approval by the management of Pro Helvetia Johannesburg.


Receipt of applications will be acknowledged by email. Please ensure to follow up via phone or email should you not receive an acknowledgement email within 3 days after deadline date. Only fully completed (digital) applications in the format detailed below will be processed.


The information on your application form becomes an integral part of the contract in the event of your application being successful.


For information on Ant Project funding. Go here

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