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Logotype of Pro Helvetia

There are certain rules that apply for all projects and events supported by Pro Helvetia Johannesburg. The recipients of the sponsorship funds are obliged to mention Pro Helvetia or place the Pro Helvetia logo in their programme booklet and advertising material.


You will find further details on the information sheet that can be downloaded below.

The Pro Helvetia Johannesburg logos can be copied from our website in EPS format for printed matter and JPG for Internet content (see links underneath the individual logos).


There are two versions of the logo:

  • Logo supplemented by a by-line in English. This version is used for cross-border events.
  • Logo supplemented by a by-line in Portuguese.

Pro Helvetia Johannesburg

Swiss Arts Council

Heerengracht Building

PO Box 31532

87 De Korte Street

Braamfontein 2017

Johannesburg, South Africa


Tel. +27 11 403 1880

Fax. +27 11 403 1605