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January/ February Projects

Pan African Space Station in Cairo

13 – 20 February 2017

Cape Town based roving cultural think-tank Chimurenga finds its way to Cairo in February.


They will be collaborating with Swiss curator Andrea Thal, now director of the Contemporary Image Collective based in Cairo. Chimurenga envisages an edition of their fugitive digital radio platform, the Pan African Space Station (PASS) Project, to be staged alongside PhotoCairo, a contemporary art project organised by CIC.


Part of a larger inquiry into the complexities of North/South relations within the African continent first initiated in the Arabic edition of the Chimurenga Chronic in 2015, the intervention is intended to also trigger possibilities for future triangular collaborations and inquiries connecting South Africa, Egypt and Switzerland.


Carine Tredgold of Busara Promotions: Stage Management and Design Training
30 January – 15 February

Veteran production manager Carine Tredgold from the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) will provide stage management training to fifteen technical crew from the Sauti za Busara festival in Zanzibar.


Carine is a qualified architect and has spent the last 25 working years in film production as a production manager and stage designer for HIFA – one of Africaʼs largest arts festivals.


Sauti za Busara, the flagship project of Busara Promotions, takes place every year in Stone Town during February. More than just a festival, it contributes to the growth and professionalisation of the creative sector in the region; provides learning, exchange and employment opportunities.


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