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Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is located in the Pro Helvetia Johannesburg office in Braamfontein. It contains more than 1600 records of books, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes and magazines. 


The Resource Centre’s focus is mainly on music and visual arts but there is also a high number of dance/performance, literature, theatre, architecture, photography and cinema/film records.


The most records are in English and German, but there are also records in French, Italian, Afrikaans, Spanish and other languages.


The Resource Centre is now available to the public for use at the office space. Patrons will have to make an appointment with the office in order to make use of this facility.


Contact us here.


Pro Helvetia Johannesburg

Swiss Arts Council

Heerengracht Building

PO Box 31532

87 De Korte Street

Braamfontein 2017

Johannesburg, South Africa


Tel. +27 11 403 1880

Fax. +27 11 403 1605